Live Your Dreams Africa - Abia Edition


Event description
LiveYourDreamsAfrica is an initiative by Bankole Williams, one of Nigeria's foremost management consultants, Life Coach and Therapist, with the aim of inspiring people to actualize their dreams despite all odds. It was borne out of his craving to help people discover and optimize their God-given potentials.
Through this platform, we showcase highly respected individuals who have blazed the trail and made outstanding global impact in different sectors including finance, media, entertainment, business and education against all odds. They share not only their success stories, but also their pains, struggles, tears and adventures in the days of “small beginnings”.
This year's theme is The UNVEILING (of dreams). At whatever stage of your life's journey you are in, it is important to know that others have not only been there, they also came out smiling and armed with lessons and tools that you can apply on your journey to greatness. If they had relegated their dreams to the background, we would not be beneficiaries of their impact.

Sat, January 27, 2018
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM


Fee: Free

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