Empowerment Concert 2018


Event description:
Have you ever asked yourselves why people referred to Prof Ben Ayade as a digital governor?

Prof Ben Ayade emerges as the most significant leader in the history of Cross River States, even to the extent of being called the supersonic governor.

This is a question that inevitably arises in the mind of anyone who followed the leadership styles of H.E Ben Ayade.

No wonder his contemporaries and his supporters have enumerated many factors that described his personality
His dodginess, charisma, energy, friendly, accessible, experiences, charm, courage, character, temperament, wealth, ambition, his reputation as a stalwart patriot and, especially after achieving so much in a short while as an executive governor of Cross River State.

The regard, admiration, and affection of the populace at all levels of society is a true definition of Governor Ayade style of governance.

The most infrequently cited, as far as I Stand With Ayade can observe, are his intelligence and his ideas.

The overall impression that many people have today, therefore, is that while Prof Ben Ayade was a person of the highest moral character, he also posses a first-rate intelligence and he got most of his ideas from others.

I Stand With Ayade vision is to support the project of his excellency to transform Cross River State into a Centre of Excellence and promote wealth and good governance.

We are driven by ethical behavior, efficiency, honesty, trust, integrity, and responsiveness in our quest for excellence within our operations and functions.

We strongly believe that Cross River State is rich in human and material resources and with the right blend of good leadership, equitable distribution of wealth, and academic cum economic empowerment can rise to the top of human and societal development.
Here at I Stand With Ayade, we have chosen to play a critical role in engendering Cross River State re-birth and to support our digital governor to consolidate with the past achievements of his predecessor and also to eradicate  Poverty challenge facing the Cross River State.

Date and Time :
1 may 2018
1 pm

Location: Cultural Centre Calabar

Fee: free 
Please for more inquiry call: 07030956395, 08088880729
Brought to you by MOJ Entertainment in conjunction with Team Ayade.
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