Young Ministers Retreat 2017



Young Ministers Retreat

Theme: Fire For Needed Impact

1. 24 Hours praying in tongues,
2. 3 Hour street invasion in move (praying for the sick, mad, lame, blind and any oppressed persons)
3. 72 hours absolute fasting (only fruits)
4. Videos of the miraculous from God's generals, Discussions.
5. Word sessions and review of the book "The man God uses" by Oswald J. Smith + impartation service.

Date and Tme: 

 29th-31st December 2017 
 2pm on the 29th to 6pm on the 31st

Venue: Healthy food Restaurant in front of Moses Hall (Pst) Hostel Redemption camp

Registration & Accommodation: Free

Powered by: RCCG Living Seed Church

For enquiries: 07031181101, 08062562947, 08162396335

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