Higher Ground Rally 2018

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January '18 Higher Ground Rally

Date and time 

Sun, January 21, 2018

4:00 PM – 6:15 PM WAT


WikiMart Hall (FirstFloor)
38, Ijede Road, Itamaga
Ikorodu, Lagos State.

Event description 
While admission is free, registration is required for everyone above age 16.
When you register ahead of time, it helps us in planning adequately for the event. You will only be confirmed in just a few seconds.
Register now; it takes only a few minutes at http://bit.do/hgr1801
Higher Ground Rally, is an initiative through which we teach and challenge the Disciples of Christ to live practically and optimally and to bridge the gap between their existence and their purpose. Through the Rally, we raise the bar for practical Christian living, by helping people to realise that there is more to life than their current sphere of experience; and that there is room to break beyond the status quo by being all out, both in obedience and service, to the kingdom of God and the fulfilment of His will in their lives and generation.
We work at these by practically exploring and applying models and principles from the scriptures to aid the contemporary person in the HGR events, currently running every two months.
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