Activate Your Thinking 2018


The Ubong King Foundation is proud to be the organizer of one of Africa's foremost thinking and education centered Conference. The conference which is in its first edition is aimed at challenging the paradigm by creating the premium platform that facilitates networking, synergy and most important discussion on how to position for productivity by engaging the mind.
Africans the world over, are celebrated for being well educated and for high and excellent performance in the educational spheres, but a lot of her communities, remain impoverish and underdeveloped.
Although Africa is richly endowed with natural resources, she has to depend on the expertise and influence of the western world.
While there is nothing wrong with the western influence, it has its positives; it is imperative that Africans develop their minds and know what to do with what they have, in order to live in a better system. We must transcend education and infuse thinking into education.
We need to exercise THINKATION (Thinking + Education)
Call Tope on 09030000981 for registration and general info about Thinkation
Registration: visit

10:00 AM – 4:00 PM WAT

The Civic Centre Victoria Island Lagos, Lagos state.

Organizer: Ubong King Foundation
Organizer of Thinkation 2018
For more enquiring visit

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